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Corporate Inspirational Speaker

Theresa Piasta Author Raising a Doodle S
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Keynote Speaker:

Grow Your Audience With Influencer Marketing 

Women in the Pet Industry Conference

Women in the Pet Industry Feedback:

- "Theresa is an absolute pleasure to work with! She is responsive with her communication, upbeat and a great storyteller. Her presentation was one of our top rated sessions! She really commands the room and delivers everything with enthusiasm, in depth knowledge and professionalism.

Audience Feedback
- "Was such an honor and privilege to meet and get to know you Theresa Piasta! I do hope we can stay connected. Thank you for your grace and sharing your knowledge, experience, and expertise!

- "You were amazing! Thank you for coming out!"

- "You were great!"

- "GREAT MEETING YOU and Waffles! You did an amazing job speaking!"

Conference Speaker: Branding Brilliance

Serendipity Conference


- "Theresa is extremely professional, smart, quick and creative. I love working with Theresa."

Audience Feedback: 
"Wow! You have had a full life already! What a fabulous role model for young women!"

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